# Client

Field Type Modifiable Description
id_client Number No Unique client identifier.
id_user Number Yes Unique identifier of the user (agent or administrator) in charge.
client_types Array Yes Identifiers that indicate client types, see the Client types section.
id_country Number Yes Client's country identifier, see Countries.
country_label String No Name of the country of the property.
id_region Number Yes Client's region identifier, see Regions.
region_label String No Client's region name.
id_city Number Yes Client's city identifier, see the Cities section.
city_label String No Client's city name.
id_client_status Number Yes Client status identifier, see the Client States section.
id_client_origin Number Yes Client's origin identifier, see section Media.
first_name String Yes Client's name.
last_name String Yes Client's last name.
birthday Date Yes Date of birth/birthday.
identification String Yes Client's identity card.
email Email Yes Client email.
phone String Yes Client's phone.
cell_phone String Yes Client's cell phone.
address String Yes User address.
query String Yes Additional client data.
comment String Yes Client comments.
reference String Yes Client reference.
send_information Boolean Yes True if the client wishes to receive information in his email, false otherwise.
created_at Date No Client creation date.
updated_at Date No Date client information was last updated.
tag Array No Custom label assigned to the client. If you do not have a tag assigned, it returns an empty array.
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